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Thanks for the prayers, Beth October 14, 2008

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Beth Moore posted a prayer for her readers last night on her blog.  It is a lovely prayer and it touched my heart and spoke to just how I feel.  Beth, although I have never met her, is among many of my Bible teachers.  So to all the people, there are so many, who have taught me along the way – I pass this prayer on.

I want to stop and pray for you right now, too.

My faithful Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Ruler of Land and Sea, I lift Your elect to You. I pray this week for You to grant them clarity in a very specific area where they are confused and not sure what to do next. As You said through Your prophet Ezekiel, You have put Your Spirit in them and You will MOVE them to follow Your will. Remind them that they are not stuck. Not without choices. Not without leadership. Whisper in each ear, “this is the way, walk ye in it.” Cause them – and me – to cease beating on doors that are closed and walk through the one that You Yourself left open even if it’s not our personal favorite Door #1. Bring confessions to their lips – and mine – of Your gracious providence and Your worthiness to be trusted and praised. Tend to their hearts. Where they feel battered and bruised but too busy to stop long enough to be healed, hem them in Your faithful hands, hold them still, and rejoice over them with singing. Tell them again how You love them. How You’ve called them. How You don’t make mistakes. Grant them – and me – spirits of wisdom and revelation that we may know You better and recognize You when we bump smack into Your Presence. And more than anything else, circumcise our hearts to love You and to love that frustrating person in our lives as we love ourselves. Teach us what the Apostle Paul meant when he told the Galatians that all that matters is faith expressing itself in love. We want to be Godly women, Lord. We cry out to You for help. We cry out to You for You.

In the saving, delivering, empowering Name of Jesus,

You can read Beth’s orginal post here.


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