from fear to FAITH

and then I remembered . . . the Good News May 10, 2009

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that I have to keep writing in this little space . . . for it centers me back on my Greatest Love – my Lord . . . even in the middle of the day.

Today we were reminded at church by Caren that there is a difference between Good Advice and Good News.  Good Advice doesn’t take affect until it is put into action and therefore is only good as our intentions are . . . and well you know how good intentions can be when we really have to do them.  Good News however has been done – it is news – a report out of what has been accomplished and what God has done for us is a miracle.  He has clothed us in righteousness and made us presentable to Himself.  His Power – His Sacrifice – His Love has SET US FREE.  This is undeniably Good News.  It makes me what to shout out the Good News of Jesus – His Power and Love have set us free . . .

oh yes . . . I feel a song welling up inside of me.


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