from fear to FAITH

A Garden February 2, 2011

With all the snow that fell today it is funny that the image which is on my mind is that of a garden.  As I piled heap upon heap of snow onto my yard and garden beds today I thought about how that cold and icy snow will soon melt with the spring sun.  It will nourish and lift up the plants that will grow once again.    Maybe this thought shouldn’t surprise me after last night.  I met with some cherished lady friends over delicious snacks and we discussed the details of times when we saw God inexplicably bring positive results out of negative beginnings.  It reminded me of my garden where in early spring I put dead decaying vegetation from the year before, cow manure, and other dark and gritty substances into the earth; harsh, unpleasant, smelly beginnings.  Into this muck  is placed a humble bulb, a seemingly insignificant seed, or a seedling that can barely withstand its own microscopic weight.  Out of these strange beginning the garden begins. Water is added – beauty, pleasure, and worth appear – out of the mire.  Suddenly, I realize I am hearing the lyric’s to Matt Maher’s “Garden” in the back of my mind . . .

and You walk with me
You never leave
You’re making my heart a garden

And then, as to tie it all up with a bow, today while I am reading Frances J. Roberts’ book Come Away My Beloved, I come across this passage, “A Garden of Fountains” and it ministers to my soul. 

Behold, My hand is upon thee to bless thee and to accomplish all My good purpose.  For this hour I have prepared thy heart; and in My kindness I will not let thee fail. 

Only relinquish all things into My hands; for I can work freely only as ye release Me by complete committal – both of thyself and others.  Even as was written of old: ‘Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass’. (Psa 37:5)  I will be thy sustaining strength; and My peace shall garrison they mind.  Only TRUST ME – that all I do is done in love.

For adversities must of necessity come.  They are part of the pattern of life’s pilgrimage for every individual; and who can escape them?  But I say unto thee, that for those who walk in Me, and for those who are encircled by the intercessory prayers of My children, I shall make of the suffering, yea, I shall make of the trials a steppingstone to future blessing. (II Cor. 4:17, 18, Living Letters)

My arms are around thee, and never have I loved thee more!  I will make thee like a GARDEN OF FOUNTAINS whose streams are fed by the mountain springs.

And so I thank Thee, Lord, for this image – and please – please – make me like Your Garden.  Bear in me fruit, strength, and beauty that reflect Your radiance.


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